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Who can race

Who can race

Who can race

Anyone can race! We're all steeple people! We'll offer races for first-time steeplechasers as well as elite level races for Olympic trials qualifying attempts. We will seed each runner based on their 3200m time, 5k time and/or age. We'll have multiple steeple races including:

  • A full 3k steeplechase, 
  • 400 meter steeple
  • 1 mile steeple
  • 2k steeplechase 
  • A totally new 1 lap steeple TEAM RELAY!

We'll have an on site photographer taking photos and video at every water pit and will offer digital copies to each racer.

Steeple for the people tees will also be available to early registrants.


Our Mission

Who can race

Who can race

We want the world to realize the beautiful insanity and chaotic gracefulness that is life--er--steeplechasing. Let us guess, you've never run a steeplechase before or even seen one? What a surprise! You're in for a treat. Its the only Olympic race with a trap. That’s right, the race has a water trap or ‘pit’ one has to jump over repeatedly. It’s quite fun & It's more challenging than a marathon and much shorter! Don't believe us? Well, Bobby Flay, Pippa Middleton, and Oprah Winfrey have all raced a marathon, but they sure as hell didn't run no steeple!


But why?

Who can race

But why?

Despite being the most entertaining and most fun track event out there, the steeplechase has been largely overlooked. It's even to the point where the IAAF has taken the steeplechase out of its professional racing series championship. This sad scenario is a disgrace, and as such we want to bring the steeple to the people!

This will be the most fun and unique track event you've ever attended. 


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Your pre-paid amount will secure your spot in any one of our steeplechase races. We'll forward you the pertinent race information and questionnaire regarding your seed time and ability level once we receive your entry and email address. Our spaces are limited due to hurdling efficacy within the confines of a 6 lane track. Steeplechase barriers are 10 feet wide, so we can only accommodate about 15 or so runners per race. As a first-year event we will have a limited number of each race.

Space is limited

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